Evangelism & Church Planting in Mexico, Training National Pastors, Bible
Translation, Literacy work among Indigenous Mexicans


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Crusader Ministries is a small, personal mission organization focusing on evangelism and church growth in spiritually needy communities in Mexico.   The doors are wide open to the Gospel in Mexico (a land with a youthful majority) and now is the time to be involved in what God is doing.  Crusader Ministries is committed to establishing the church of Jesus Christ in Mexico.

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Crusader Ministries serves in Mexico through international missionaries and Mexican pastors to make disciples and work toward the Great Commission given by Christ Jesus.  Click on the following link to see where mission works are centered:  Mexico

Statement of Faith

We Believe:

1. There is one living God in three persons: Father, Son (Christ) and Holy Spirit.
2. The Bible is the verbally inspired Word of God.
3. In the Virgin Birth of Jesus through the Spirit.
4. In the bodily resurrection of Jesus from death.
5. That Satan is the director of a rebellion against the Kingdom of God.
6. Man was created in the image of God, but through sin became an enemy of God.
7. That salvation is by faith in the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ.
8. In the premillenial return of Jesus Christ.
9. In the bodily resurrection of all men; the saints to eternal joy; the rest to eternal punishment.


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